Self-Referral Body Screening Services

Our screening services are performed with CT and include the following:


Coronary heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the United States. More Americans die of heart disease than all types of cancer combined. The primary cause of heart disease is the build-up of plaque (atherosclerosis) in the arteries of the heart. This build-up can cause the arteries to narrow. Plaque can also break away from the artery walls and cause a blockage. In both instances the heart muscle does not receive enough blood flow and oxygen–thus a heart attack can occur.
Cardiac scoring is a revolutionary, pain-free and non-invasive procedure that detects the amount of calcium of plaque in your coronary arteries. With this information, your doctor can recommend the appropriate treatment, including diet and lifestyle changes, medication and/or further testing. The test takes only a few minutes to perform.


Lung cancer is the number one killer among cancers and kills more people than colon, breast and prostate cancer combined.
Studies have concluded that CT screening can greatly improve the likelihood of detection of small (early) lung
cancers, and thus identify them at a potentially more curable stage. Our Low-Dose Screening CT technique is designed to provide the necessary clinical information while minimizing your exposure to radiation. The test takes only a few minutes and requires no IV’s or special preparation.


The whole body screening package combines the Cardiac Scoring, Lung Cancer Screening and a comprehensive, high-resolution scan of your abdomen and pelvis. This scan looks at all of the major organs in your body; the lungs, heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands, spleen and pelvic organs.


Stroke is a very complex disease and many factors can contribute to a stroke. In general, however, a stroke caused by a clot is the most common type of stroke in all patient groups. The leading cause is a significant narrowing or blockage of the carotid arteries caused by a buildup of plaque in the artery walls. The carotid arteries (neck vessels) are the main blood supply to the brain. Visualizing the carotid arteries using ultrasound is one option to evaluate the vessels. Another option is an MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiogram) of the neck. An MRA evaluates the arteries of the brain. An MRI of the brain identifies infractions or potential tumors and lesions.


Provides percentages and absolute values for lean and fat mass.


A new, non-invasive, pain-free method of examining the colon. The virtual colonoscopy screens for premalignant polyps and early cancer.


Once your screenings are done, the images are processed and carefully reviewed by our team of board-certified, sub-specialized radiology physicians. Once completed, you will receive a complete report of your screenings along with a CD of the images to keep for your records or share with your physician(s). Your results are private and confidential. If your screening reveals no immediate health issue, the results provide a valuable baseline for future exams and evaluations, a significant health management tool.

Unlike many so-called “Screening Centers,” Carlsbad Imaging Center and Imperial Radiology provide you with comprehensive diagnostic services should your screening examination indicate a need.

Most of the screenings are performed without the use of contrast agents. If further work ups are required, a contrast agent may be administered through an IV or by digestion to help highlight internal organs, structures and tissues within the body.

Screening exams are not covered by Medicare or other health insurance providers. Payment is due at the time of your exam. If, however, a screening exam detects a medical problem, your health insurance provider will cover subsequent treatment (to the extent allowed by your plan) and possibly reimburse you for the cost or a portion of the cost of the screening.

Carlsbad Imaging Center and Imperial Radiology will work with you and your doctor to get the answers and to put your mind at ease.